Something to do

I know that if we discover the ideas and the processes that embed them in our thinking we can choose not to pass them on. But then to not have them passed on we’d need to isolate the individual until they were 6 or 7.

I suppose this could be done in a small community of like minded individuals.

For years, since I reentered the world, I’ve run across several people and groups with what I’d consider better ideas. I’m not sure how effective these people are at helping other people see themselves. Haven’t noticed any big changes in the world of people

Lately I’ve been entertaining the idea that, in the biggest picture, nothing matters. I mean I, as an individual, will continue to develop my personal ethics. But if we go down as a species, so what? If we die off, so what? This gives me the opportunity to think different, to look at the world, myself and people differently.

It’s something to do

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