Spy Kids Of The Police State

A Nation Of Cops

The top cops in the United States today show up for work in DC. The administrative branch for the minions of police across the country and around the world. The US isn’t just a police state, it’s government has become one gigantic police force.

It’s message: We all need to become cops (for our own protection) and to defend liberty. One of the most insane statements ever to ooze out from the damaged minds of militant political philosophy – but by no means original.

Police State Psychology

The term Psychology is used here as the psyche or mind set of the public. Generally speaking there are two types of people:

  • Those who want to tell others what to do
  • Those who want to be told what to do

Rare are those who don’t fall under these headings, by and large the tellers represent an overwhelming majority. Both groups are motivated by their desire for security. In order to form a voluntary police state a majority of these two types are necessary. There are involuntary police states but that’s not what we have in the US – yet.

Watching the world has led me to conclude that most people on this planet want to tell others what to do. Isn’t that the real attraction behind the idea of Democracies? People want to get their way, they want to tell other people what to do and Democracies provide them with an opportunity.

People vote for people who say they’ll make the world a little more the way the voter wants. Why would there be such a thing as a political party? Party politics is team politics. If our team wins we get to tell the other team what to do. Most voters don’t have any idea what the people they vote for stand for. They only vote in the hope they’ll have some power and influence over the lives of others. That, in itself, is a police state ideology.

The Cop Inside Us

Ever meet anyone who wouldn’t tell you what to do? There are people who won’t but most times it’s because they don’t want anything to come back on them. Everybody knows what’s best for you. Ask them.

The problem with the police mind isn’t that it doesn’t know what’s best for others. It might on occasion be right. The problem in the need to police other people is the need to police other people.

Parents police there kids, school systems police faculties and kids, Federal police police states and states cities and cities communities and communities police their residents. The dilemma for the policeman in our heads is this – We know how to make things better, we know exactly what others should do and what’s best for mankind but – we lack the power needed to get our way. What’s a little wanna be cop to do?

Peace Keepers

What do we call law enforcement? Peace officers. Peace officers police the streets, the peace keeping forces police the world. Peace keepers are everywhere. Where’s the peace? And how can you keep something you don’t have?

We want to tell other people what to do. Because we do – we can’t have peace. We know if people would just – Do this – we’d all live happily ever after. Even the fairy tales are telling us we’re sideways in our thinking. In the happily ever after stories what has to happen in order to have a happy ending? What is the villain always trying to do? All the villains in all the stories have one thing in common: They want to tell other people what to do.

Those who run the police in DC, and tell the white house cops what to do, understand this insidious desire in the human psyche. At least they do to some degree. They know you have the ingrained need to make others behave as you see fit. They have the same need. But do they truly understand it’s nature – or anti-nature? I don’t see how they could and continue to suck the life out of themselves.

The underlying problem with wanting to police other people’s thoughts and behavior is the very wanting itself – the desire is the problem. That desire to control makes all craziness possible. It also makes the chance for peace, at home or in the world – impossible.

The Whack A Mole World

Our mode of operation in everything we do, from health ideologies to political ideologies, is completely ass backwards and it will only ever result in more and more stupidity. What is our plan for peace? Stop the problems once they’re happening. It’s the whack a mole approach and I’m sure you’ve heard this before and I’m sure you’ve heard various and endless ideas on how we might fix the system so it doesn’t produce the problems. So why are things worse?

The problem isn’t the problem. The mole popping up isn’t the problem. It’s the mole. The only way to win the game is to turn the game off, put it back in the box and stop playing.

The problem is not the system like you here all the time. The problem allowed the system to be implemented in the first place. The problem that created the system and all political systems is the desire to tell others what to do.

You want peace? You want sanity and what security can realistically be obtained? You want health and a healthy environment? Stop trying to force your will on other people – any other people – ever. When controlling thoughts enter our heads – that’s where we start.

We can only truly ever police ourselves, our desires and our own behavior. Anything else releases the mole.

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