Stop Wearing Those Ridiculous Neck Ties

Why is that thing wrapped around your neck anyway? You might as well wear a leash with your name on it. That’s all it is anyway: A leash. Everyday millions of people put their leashes on and the rest of their ridiculous uniforms and go off to fetch, sit, guard, fight and generally do their masters bidding. Is this being human? The human pet? The beast of burden?

And you girls need to take off those stupid high heeled shoes. Of all the dumb things to wear. Who in their right mind would come up with a shoe like that? Who in their right mind would wear them? Maybe on Halloween or as a joke but … everyday? That’s just nuts.

Why is everybody doing what they’re told? Look around. Look at what your masters have wrought. It’s crumbling but still you get up, don the uniform, salute and march. Should people have to jump and run food?

I’m anxious to see what happens when people realize this is their world and they decide what goes on and what doesn’t. Right now it’s mainly a world of followers and servants. Your masters know this, when will you?

Start with that symbolic leash. Life doesn’t have to be an endless obedience class. Or maybe I just don’t like ties…could be.

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