Stuck in a bipolar limbo

The human corrupted psychology seems to be stuck into a syncopated bipolar limbo, which often results in something conflictual, divided by the everlasting thirst of the “new” and the perennial protection of the “status-quo” which represents the petrification of the traditional mind..

I mean: have you ever noticed how inexorably, sooner or later (mostly sooner) the new turns into old? In this very moment in the US there are people doing camping out of the Apple stores just because the company of Cupertino proclaimed the coming soon releasing of the iPhone 6..

Fact is that Apple did not say exactly when, which can be tomorrow or one month from now.. however: people are there, enthusiastically camping, as an annual tradition.. so to get their new toy.. which, after few weeks, or even days, will progressively become older and older and obsolete ..

What’s going on?

From a partner to a car, from a house to the new new age guru “on the block”, from the new political ideals and revolutions, the “changes”, the “hopes” and so on, up to the desire to sink into some new spiritual path & prophets whatsoever .. (right? isn’t it so? You follow?).. it seems that there is no end to this continuous search for the new.. just like it seems that man is evidently and at the same time not willing to cut off his conditioned ropes with the old, with the traditional mind who gives him the false sense of psychological security..

So we swim into pathological oxymorons such as the thirst in saying “we are all one” and psycho-compulsively, at the same time, we support the respect toward all beliefs which actually carries the germ of psycho-social separation .. do you understand the problematic latent mental illness inherent in this “pulling and leaving and pulling again and leaving again – game”?

What’s there that we constantly nourish this machinery of resisting, being caught within our tribalistic traditionality, the values, the morality, the common senses, the current beliefs and so on.. and the act of persevering in searching for the “new” to come .. which then, even when it comes .. it gets automatically assimilated by the old..

Now look: the so called “old”, which is what you call “consciousness” (which is nothing but the sum of what your mind assimilated across the years.. the core of which is completely conditioned.. and through which you are reasoning even when you are striving to seek and to be in the path to seek the “new”)… this “old” is always present in your psychological process of decoding your reality..

So now: when it comes to deal with practical things, such as driving the car, playing guitar and so on.. your “old” is your treasure.. but when it comes to deal with psychological perspectives, and the existential ones, then your cognitively conditioned old becomes the damn curse of your possible free intelligence ..

I’m wondering if you follow what I’m saying..

I means: not the speaker please, which is pretty much irrelevant .. I’m irrelevant indeed :there are not “teachings” whatsoever ..
but rather the contents we are sharing here..
do you understand ?

The implications of these contents contain the very “mind map” of the industry of our confusion.. therefore also its possible observation, understanding and dismantling..

If you believe in your inner jesus for example, which I assume he dwells in some hidden corner right within your heart (maybe with some surgery or X-rays, together we can locate him , don’t you think so? ).. and then you look at the beautiful landscape you’ve never seen before.. and you’re observing it while filtering it through the blissful qualities of you jesus-lens.. then, I’m afraid, you are observing a non-observation: there is just a petrified sentimentalism/belief, crystallized by its old conditioning’s .. and that’s the way through which all new things turn in old again .. just like some sort of mental king midas ..

Have you noticed, ever noticed, how the “how things are now”, not the nonsense of the “power of now” please, but rather the “how your mind is now, today, yesterday” .. is always in conflict with the “how I would like to see my mind tomorrow” (perhaps happy right? Clever, successful, loved, appreciated, acquisitive and so on)..?

What’s the root of this conflict, this behaviour that drags you within the act of searching to become this and that, whether a so called “lightworker”, or a man of faith, or a revolutionary and other pathologies?

You see that there is not analysis of those roots?
Can you see it?

Here we have people who follow this guru or this ideal, there we have people who follow that common sense and culture, overseas there are the tribes that cling to their myths and superstitious values of correct existential wellbeing.. and between a fragment and another there is latent fear.. fear to lose the whole castle of man-manufacture absurdities!

This is the life we are living… this is the empire of abstruseness we daily cultivate and support each single day in a way or another …

..simply because very very very few people are able and willing to inquire, with and through penetrating intelligence, right within that inter-space that daily occurs between the act of clinging to the “future new” to come.. and the friction inherent in holding the present psychological traditionality whatever its mental concrete is, whether religious, moral, spiritual or iconoclastic..

because it’s in such interspace that our (indeed) iconoclastic empire of abstrusenesses and fear, where our stupidity and blindness rule, find their daily glue aimed to keep its bricks solidly connected one with another..

This unwillingness to think… while intelligence is that thing that happens to us while we are busy in (“oxy-moronically”) holding the old and seeking the new at the same time.. is the basic prontuary which gives explanations to the question “why the most expanded intelligence in this planet, men, is simultaneously the most stupid ?”!..

And here comes the issue: Are you willing to dismantle this unwillingness?
Are you?

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