Study on the healing effects of vitamin therapy

Here’s another “real life” study on the healing effects of vitamin therapy. In this case high doses of vitamin C given via IV enables man to recover from severe pneumonia

Doctors Agree to Try IV Vitamin C:
The doctors were in unanimous agreement that IV vitamin C would be useless and a waste of time, and that the patient would certainly die. However, one doctor felt “slightly uneasy” with the decision to turn off life support, without first acceding to the family’s wishes, and so they reluctantly agreed to give the IV vitamin C. Their plan was to give the IV vitamin C, show it was useless, and then turn off life support.

Dramatic Recovery:
That day, Allan Smith was given 25 grams of IV vitamin C in the evening and another 25 grams in the morning. The next day, a CAT scan of the lungs showed improving air flow and a few days later the chest x-rays showed the lungs were no longer white, indicating air movement. The improvement was dramatic, clear and plain for all to see. However, the doctors denied it was the vitamin C , and instead, attributed the improvement to “turning patient into a prone position”.

Another Battle For Vitamin C:
Soon after starting the IV vitamin C, Alan could be taken off ECMO life support, and started breathing on his own. However, unexpectedly, a different physician consultant came in, took over the case and stopped the IV vitamin C. Alan Smith’s condition promptly deteriorated. Allan’s wife, Sonia, called a meeting with this new doctor to no avail. The new doctor rolled his eyes, looked up at the ceiling and uttered, “No More Vitamin C “. Not giving up so easily, the three brothers again weighed in, and demanding the IV vitamin C for dad. The three brothers again used their powers of “persuasion”, and the new doctors reluctantly gave in, restarting the life saving IV vitamin C, but only at low doses of one gram a day. The brothers said, “Mucking about with the vitamin C showed in his fathers health”. “You had to be thick not to see it.”

Oral Lyposperic Vitamin C:
Allan’s condition continued to improve and was eventually transferred to a hospital closer to home, still breathing with ventilator assistance. Here, the family had yet another battle with a new doctor who again stopped the IV vitamin C. This time, the family brought in a lawyer who sent a warning letter to the hospital threatening legal action. The hospital was forced to restart the vitamin C, however, allowing only low dosage. Finally, Allan Smith was able to sit up in bed and take oral liquids. On their own, the family gave their dad 6 grams a day of oral vitamin C. This was a highly absorbable form called Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C.

Allan continued to improve and was discharged home from the hospital.

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