Suffering, self and society in the 21st century

Is There An End For Suffering?

It’s always my intention to keep simple concepts at the core when writing. While great tomes of information may be beneficial, it will do no good if that information is to hard to read and remember. Recalling some complex idea in the midst of an emotional storm is difficult at best and may only add confusion to an already miserable situation.

That said lets get right to it. If I ask you to see the end of a movie you wouldn’t have a hard time figuring out what you had to do. You know you would have to stay for the whole movie. Somebody reading this will think that they could leave and come back to catch the end. While this is technically true, is it possible to really see the end of something when you don’t know what that something is? Would you know the end of walking a mile if you hadn’t walked the mile? The end, as an experience, is not the end without the beginning and middle of the experience as well.

Without knowing the beginning and middle its an idea of a mile walked. You wouldn’t have the complete experience. It’s similar to the idea of knowing a thing completely as opposed to knowing something about a thing. Eventually you would have to start at the beginning of the mile and go through it and then you could experience the end. It would then be real to you and you would know you saw the end.

With suffering then, can we reach an end without the beginning and middle? Without knowing the beginning – Where did the suffering start? If we’re suffering mentally and emotionally and we just want it to end, will it end? It doesn’t seem so. If suffering can be likened to a road then we must travel the whole road to any real end – not jump ahead. If you’re suffering and you don’t know why, go back to the beginning. If you’re suffering due to an idea, go back to the beginning of the idea. See what was picked up along the way to what you are.

A big entertainment craze these days is to watch other people suffer through things. What the attraction? In fact I find it very weird. All the unreal reality shows are making millions from people who watch other people have experiences. Not even real experiences but scripted. The viewer gets less than nothing of reality. But they get satisfaction in seeing other people struggle and strain. I guess it’s putting the right pressure on some emotional wound. Misery loves company.

The people who sign up for the humiliation of reality TV are suffering from “The Insignificance of Invisibility”. Which is also an idea. A Notion.

Where did they get these ideas? What ideas are real? What ideas are made up, or adopted?

A lot of suffering would go away if we knew what was real and discarded any unreal notions. At least then we’d only suffer reality. We could find out how much suffering we could eliminate from our lives by making some simple “I Need, I want” lists.

I need:

A Body

I want:

To Achieve…

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