Talking to confusion

If we’re trying to get people to, for instance, ditch their religion because we’re convinced it’s a result of confused and delusional thinking… Should we hit the religion head on? Or is there more productive technique?

We aren’t dealing with unconditioned thinking, or thinkers, but with conditioned reactions… so how best to invite all people to the table? I’ve noticed a huge increase in the critique of faith based religion in the past few years, it’s become a thing for many people… another bandwagon for people to jump on

None of these for or against arguers did I consider unconditioned or unbiased people or groups: always the choosing sides, always the focus and attack on one belief over another (theirs). I don’t see these scuffles leading people out of confusion, don’t see anyone focusing on their own potential for confusion, just a shifting their allegiance to another consensus group. No longer believers in the unseen gods we choose the unseen evolution, or the other make believe origin stories dreamed up by confused people…

What’s the best way to get all people in all the different consensus groups to think about their own thinking?

I think that if we’re tricked into believing something we have to be sort of tricked out of it. Getting people to do what we want is a tricky business

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