Tell us a story

The evolution of Technology is great… I really like all the computer graphics, the Hubble telescope images and the ability to look at the inside of a cell to see what’s going on down there. But one piece of technology I am most grateful for and would never again want to be without is the mute button on my remote control.

First, I never have to listen to an advertisement again… second I can mute all the ridiculous commentary on science shows… I don’t have to listen to people telling their made up stories to the world… I get really tired of listening to stories about one species evolving into another… or the Big Bang, or the Sun being a Nuclear furnace… a nuclear furnace? A slow fusion reaction? Is it even possible?

People love to tell stories, love to make things up, and they get away with it because other people love to listen to stories… it’s fun. But we’ve mixed fiction with what should be factual and melded it all into a Story Of Life that doesn’t really make any sense at all.

We do it at every level… On the news we are told stories about other countries… what they think, what they’re planning… We tell stories about cops and crimes, we’re told how “Everyone” feels about things… Politics is just insanity… or maybe just stupid is a better description for the whole business of politics and government. We’re told that stupid is cool… We’re told that sports and careers define us… we’re told so many stories we’ve simply become stories ourselves.

I like the game of Golf. I like playing it. I like watching really great golfers hit the ball. I hate the commentary… Announcers, and thats what they should be… what they were… have become inventors and artists of psychology. The modern commentator is always going on about how the players “Feel” and even what they’re thinking… Why the fuck would anyone care what a golfer is thinking and feeling? Even if we could know anything about what a professional golfer thinks and feels… why would we care?

Are we that lonely? Do we imagine some sort of relationship…? If we  need a story to give meaning to things, above and beyond what they are, why not make up our own stories?

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