The animal world and attentiveness

Here’s something to consider as far as the animal world and attentiveness goes… Mammal kids or less attentive than reptile kids… and we can easily see why.

The attentiveness of adult humans is, like that of squirrels, focused on survival… at some point we’re pushed to fend for ourselves and it’s pay attention to one’s environment or die.

Now the harder it is to survive the less time and energy people will have to give to other mental activities, like closely examining the inner-workings of their society, or asking themselves, “Why do I believe this shit?”… and with the advancement of refined indoctrination techniques, who isn’t influenced?

So we all have some personal belief system that governs our mental and physical activity.

I’ve believed, since the 5th grade, that damn near everybody was slightly or seriously nuts. I could feel myself going nuts too.

What I’d like is to build a physical world where people, from infancy, have the opportunity to do something different… just to see what happens

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