The Answer To Global Crisis

Every day I look at the world and think “What is it going to take”? Not, what is it going to take to fix things. The question I ask everyday is – What’s it going to take for people to start taking real effective action. Every day I work at this, looking for ways to communicate with people.

I don’t know why people have such a hard time understanding the situation. I think it’s selfishness. I don’t think it’s an intentional – thought out – selfishness. I think if people took the time to really think things out they’d see that their present course is not serving selfishness at all. Allowing the global crisis to continue is a form of self abuse – not selfishness – the result is simply servitude.

What a truly selfish mentality would seek is a long term state of comfort. Isn’t that right? To this end, if we really thought it out, if we really studied our world, we’d see that the most comfort we can get for ourselves is comfort for all. Personal comfort that decreases comfort for others is a short term deal. It simply doesn’t work because that’s not the way “The System of Life Works”.

The whole thought process of gain and loss is faulty. It’s an invention of the control system. The control system operates on it and promotes it for their own short term personal comfort. Those that buy in to it (usually unconsciously) ruin any chance of real sustainable comfort and happiness. It will always be fleeting and frustrating. As long as we follow along we will always have a global crisis – in one form or another.

It’s not hard to understand. People are suffering because we don’t understand the world we live in. I’m talking about the world, “Life”. Most people see the world as nations, societies, financial markets, cultures and so on. All these are just things that might happen in the world. They are not things that must happen. They’re really just ideas about comfort. In fact, that’s all they are – Ideas About Comfort”.

Nations, Societies, financial markets, Cultures and all other ideas like this come from people who don’t understand the world they live in. If they did –  they’d know these ideas for what they are – dysfunctional.

Rather than attempt to persuade people, of all of this at once, I want to present a demonstration of – What works as a counter to global crisis. Follow the link below to watch a solution in action. The first part of the video looks at the result of dysfunctional ideas. The second looks at solution actions.

Make their depredations uneconomical

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