The beginning of memory

The beginning of memory, which is an psychological edifice that builds up itself among the synapses, always remains unexplored, not observed, neither studies..

But if we had no memory we would have no thought.. which means that thoughts are the children of memories..

Therefore, (it’s obvious one supposes); how can a person possibly understand thought, striving for something “new” perhaps, a sort of “awakening” or whatever… since there is no interest at all to inquire in the machinery that characterises the birth of memory?

Memories are so important for mind and brain, but memories are also a part of mind and brain.. which means that anyone who does not observe the very psycho-behavioural structure of memories and the relationship with it and what it does.. considering that memory is merely a part of neurology and a segment of psychology, not the whole.. anyone that does not investigate in such edifice, ..will just sinks into the slavery of conditioning’s and interpretations..

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