The best way to limit requests on apache websites

I hate it when I see bots or those users user agent requests hammering away at my websites. I wanna kill ’em all, but how?

The best way, and I don’t mean this sarcastically or sales pitchy, is to put your website with a smart secure hosting company web server. What I always find when I see these activities in my logs is, they stop. Personally I don’t think they stop fast enough but they stop.

I don’t complain about this “Not stopping fast enough”, I don’t say, “Hey, can’t we make them stop sooner?”. Because they stop. Because the server runs and the uptime is consistently 100%, because I’ve never been hacked, we’ve never been infested, nary a worm or bug and things go along without a hitch.

I guess a really good web host is one that you never think about, where you never see a 501 and wonder, “How long has this been going on”, where you never get an alert from SiteUpTime, where nothing ever happens… except your website is up and running 356 days a year and running as fast as the pipes allow

If you aren’t getting what we’re getting then you really should. It just makes sense.

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