The chattering mind

When the chattering mind, (and related consequences), takes over the process of thinking, (and the related communications), then all is lost.

Thought prevails and predominates all processes determined to elaborate concepts and to articulate the comprehension, sharp understanding decays drastically, the mindsets govern mind and conversations, and at the end of the day the pleasure of thinking soberly, and the whole fluidity our intelligence should be made of, end up in the trash folder of one’s cognition, meaning to say; nothing really much remains at the end of the day, nothing but the echoes of mental noises and biased ricochets, which is what then leads to the formation of prejudices, the embroidering of biases, the weaving of cognitive distortions and all the rest of that unfortunately so common activities..

The rendering of the chattering mind produces nothing but noise and the great impediment that arises because of this circumstance and condition is represented by the fact in which the more chattering noise our perception incorporates, the more the possibility to see the false as the false falls apart, buried by conditionings and lost away along the dilution of useless thoughts over rational thinking..

The non-chattering mind, which is the observing mind, is the mind that remains in a specific position: a position in which perception is capable of catching the chatters as they arise within the brain, capable to understand it automatically so to catch and collect what’s useful and discharge what’s corrosive trash..

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