The constant noisy mind

I have a constant noisy head, full of chatter… I really don’t know what mind is. I’ve yet to find out where the chatter arises from: where it is before it goes into audible mode.

It’s the same with the visuals on the edges of dreams, I’ve yet to see where the pictures stem from. Sometimes I can sort of see them forming and losing form but not the raw material. Where do thoughts live when we’re not conscious of them, when we’re not creating excuses or making up stories to feel better about ourselves?

If all brain activity is operating in and by the electromagnetic field then the chatter may live as, be stored in, memory below the range of awareness. Maybe in a place similar to where the encoding for PH balance is stored. Some system files of the subconscious.

Still, I’d like to get at the roots of chatter and quit dealing with the result

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