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How To build A Financial Crisis

My interest isn’t in who did what, why or when. All of what happened, was able to happen because of the federal reserve. I’ve never found the who or why all that important. In other words – knowing who did what doesn’t provide the solution.

The solution in cases like the bubbles, or US production leaving for poorer nations and any number of other money related acts is always in the how. How is it possible that people can destroy a nation – from within.

Throughout History people have sought to control governments and nations by gaining control over the nations money. This is the how for all the who’s and why’s. If you are so caught up in who and why then the door is still wide open for more of the same. That’s all this whole business is. It’s more of the same, business as usual, with some different names.

There is nothing new going on and there is nothing different in the way the media and the public are reacting to it. What happened to create the conditions for why is this: First, a privately operating cartel took control of all the money in the US. It’s an international cartel and the same happened in other places but for us who are the victims of this particular crime what matters is how we were taken down.

So the power to print money is taken away from the nation. The next thing that happens is an incremental retooling of taxes. Taxes, tariffs and income taxes are redirected from those doing business ‘with’ the US, international business, to the people of the US. The entire system is extremely simple. In fact if I proposed the system to any person in the US – no one would take me seriously.

My proposal would go something like this: Here’s what I’d like to do, I’ll invest nothing, print money, lend you the money and collect interest on that loan.

This is the game in the most simplistic terms, but, it’s basically the game. Now nobody reading this would agree to such a deal. But we all go along with it. We all pay taxes – not for federal services. There is no government bank. The government has not one thin dime. It’s not that the country and it’s people are all of a sudden going broke – because some who did a naughty what.

We were broke as soon as the deal was cut. All we have had since then is indebtedness. We are all in default. Only a handful of people have any sort of solvency. It’s kind of hard for people to get their heads around this concept. We think we are earning money from our work, but the money we are paid is borrowed money. In fact the federal reserve note is not money. It’s a note – a contract, complete with interest.

We never think about this because the collection plate is passed in the guise of tax laws and contract laws. Why would we pay property taxes on property we own? The fact is we wouldn’t. An even smaller group of people, than those who may be solvent, own land in the US. The rest rent.

Same with cars, we are issued a contract and agree to pay a registration fee (and insurance) to drive the car. That’s not ownership. It’s a rental agreement. So the question to all this nonsense is not who, what or why – it’s only how.

If we only look at the proposed solutions to all the current financial problems we can see this whole system with absolute clarity. What is the only solution offered within the current system? A loan. Not money. Federal reserve money is just pretend, it just an agreement. Therefore, there is only one solution on the table – more credit. Well they say, we can print more money, but we’ll need a little more collateral.

When people understand the how that makes any of this possible they can make a decision on what to do. We can fix anything if we know how it works. I’ll grant you my fractional reserve example was muy simplistic. The entire complicated version is readily available to any who cares to search on line for a few seconds.

I guess what people will need to decide is, do I continue cooperating with the system that made all this possible? Or, do I change the system.

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