The culture of anonymity

Revolutionary intelligence and psychological freedom do not belong to a country, to an ideal, to a god and its worship, to any “energy work” whatsoever, they do not belong to a collective, a community, a social, religious, spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric, masonic, ethic, moral, political belief of any kind: psychological freedom is something absolutely anonymous, private; it grows where the mind has no names, no identities, no beliefs, no authorities and where the mind has a rigorously pathless understanding.

We have so many cultures… so many ways of living… so many automatic psychological mechanicals, then we talk about respect, about tolerance, about the divine sources as keys to terminate violence… futilely.

we say “we are all one”, then we say “we must respect all beliefs”… which means all identities… and through all of these identitarian illusions we proceed everyday… moving dust for nothing… in billions… while the only culture which can give us ultimate end of violence… is exactly what we miss and fight daily… which is the culture of anonymity…

A culture springs out from a position of the psyche.. then collectively accepted…

If the position of the psyche is the denial of all identity… then the psyche has no more names, no more identities, no more beliefs, nothing to hold, to own, to protect, follow and worship…

The anonymous mind is indeed free: it has no gods, no ideals, no borders, no visa, no flags, no cults, no sectarian living, no existential myths, illusions, spirituality aimed to accomplish, ultimate divine goals and other forms of escapism and garbage… and a free mind has no violence, ’cause what it possessed do not longer possess its own possessor..

Can the mind think about itself without the conditioned thinking it has been accumulating for such a very long time?

Without its names, its pride, honor, pettiness, miseries, identitarian projections, “mental goods” and beliefs?

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