The Dangers Inherent In Centralized Government

This is a finding from my study of political philosophy. Most of the nations on the planet are under the control of some form of centralized government. In fact I don’t know of any exceptions although I’m sure there are some. Most likely if we didn’t live under the rule of a centralized government we’d have heard of them.

There seems to be two prime motivational factors that make soft and hard tyranny possible. One is people’s desire for security. The second (stemming from the first) is the desire for control. Here is as close to an absolute as I’ve ever come across: The stronger the desire for control the higher the level of insecurity. The need to control others is born of fear and insecurity. I should add – control others against there will.

Lots of us have a passive desire to control the behavior of others because we would like there lives to be easier. So we suggest things – sometimes to the point of becoming an antagonist (sorry). But we aren’t talking about concern or compassion here but about the need to control out of fear and insecurity.

Lets take this psychology into the realm political philosophy, what type of person would be desirous of a centralized government? Only the insecure: they who feel threatened and frightened. These types populate the voter and the voted for in democracies and the loyalists under the harder tyrannies. One wants protection from while the other wants power over – people.

Out of this personal psychological struggle is born all dysfunctional political systems. Christians are afraid people will follow Mohammad and Muslims are afraid people will follow Jesus and out of that we get centralized religions. Is this a passive need to control other’s beliefs? For some I’m sure it is. All Centralized Institutional Bodies develop into tyrannies. This is the natural result of systems created out of fear.

How many nations with centralized governments have their money under the control of centralized banks? This is again an example of what fear will manifest. Today we have the most extreme fear based personalities controlling, through the control of money, the fear based institutions of government. Most of our societies across the globe must live with the constant fear produced by centralization. Centralized power centers use fear to exact more power over the lives of others. The goal: Absolute Dominion.

Everything we are witness to today with financial meltdown and endless war for regime change is coming straight out of the fractured minds of the most frightened people living on the planet today. From their mouthpieces the world is warned of the presence of ever increasing danger. The message: You are not safe, we are doing what’s necessary to protect you. The fearful cry their thank yous. The rest of us yawn.

Beyond these embedded fear based systems is peace. There is security in what is. There can be no real security fashioned for – what is not. There is the security of knowing we’re experiencing what we are experiencing. Outside of that there is only imagination. Imagination born of fear is scary. Imagination born of love is fun. Love is simply wanted the best for everyone and everything. How can war and fear, control and domination, come out of that?

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