The desire to increase human potential

One may ask, why the wish to increase our possible “potential” should be called an idiotic desire?

The answer to this question should be already incorporated and very clear within the question itself.. It should be absolutely visible and intelligently obvious if the person who asks such question.. asks this question from a platform and willingness characterized by a healthy thinking..

Why do you want to (so called) “improve your potential” exactly?

What do you mean by “potential”?

Do you really believe that a phantomatic and shallowly convenient desire of increasing our so called “paranormal” abilities can bring into being a magic and miraculous dissolution of our perpetual and historical, subjective and intimate confusion?

He or she who delegates the end of mental confusion to illusory ambitions, illusions and hopes aimed to improve his or her “spiritual consciousness” is merely a fugitive focused in the act of escaping his, her and our own inward and outward reality..

Craving for superior states of mind and energy, or even the transcendental drugs of salvation, bliss, another dimension, the “Space brothers” to safe us from the mess we ourselves created.. is fomenting, nourishing, joining, clinging and worshipping nothing but one of the highest shade of hypocrisy .. because such act of craving is, in truth both a denial of facing what it is.. preferring instead to drug the mind with anthropocentric illusions/delusions.. and a petty action of stepping out of the real worlds: the tangible one and the psychological one..

The person who strives for metaphysic abilities whatsoever, is merely a spoiled mind interested in power, or a suffering mind, not interested in the radical, intelligent, total comprehension of its suffering and mess.. but rather interested to become a drug addicted to big cosmic banalities painted by ultimate “truths” and journeys toward the “what we truly are”, the “universal god”.. the “cosmic divine” and all of these modern or less modern forms of “drunkness” to escape reality..

Rather than cultivating phantasmagoric hypocrites seeds of anthopocentric illusions.. one should cultivate his or her own private intelligence, so to be able to divide what’s research aimed to explore, study and comprehend.. and what is psycho-existential abstract search for supreme meanings in which mental encapsulations condition our life..

How can we be so silly to desire what we call an “expansion of consciousness” (possible spiritually or divinely, right?) .. considering that we are barely able to handle our confusions .. and that we are dramatically scarse in regard of a possible and rational, radical and revolutionary understanding the basic blueprint and dynamic of our psychological struggles?

We want the “magic powers/toys”.. isn’t it so?

But we’re disinterested about our confusion.. which is actually the very reason why we search and crave for such illusions.. This is the basic mathematics of human hypocrisy..

The mind that disintegrates this daily and millenary activity of craving for the picture such mind is not.. emerges from the big bubble of delusional thinking and it actually ends the whole sophisticated game of mental hypocrisy..

Then the dawn of rational psychological freedom and private thought can come into being…

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