The Difference Between The 1 And The 99 percent

There is a striking and severe difference between the people who rule the world and the recently tagged 99%. I like this label, it’s probably close to accurate percentage wise.

Although there is a difference between those who have the power over life and death and the 99% you might be surprised to know exactly what that difference is.

You may think the difference has something to do with desire, ambition, greed, intellect or any of a long list of attributes. There are lots of people who have these attributes and more for better or worse – so that can’t be the difference. Actually these attributes would fall under the category of similarities. Maybe you think the elite are born into it or maybe you’ve been listening to the new geneticist stories. That’s not it and those genetics stories aren’t new anyway.

So what is it? What is the key difference between the 99% and the 1% who rule over them? It’s easy: The 1% are sociopaths and psychopathic  killers.I’m not being harsh in this diagnosis, neither is it hard to see if one is willing to look only their actions. Think about this: Would you drop a bomb in a city full of people? Any city, anywhere? Not just mouth off about it, but actually give the order to, “Go ahead – kill them”?

If you forget about the lines and characters in the play and just watch physical actions occurring all around you and around the globe. Is there any other reasonable diagnosis?

In order to qualify for world ruler today one has to have no compunction when it comes to taking lives. That’s the difference – to rise to the very top of the social heap you must be willing to kill anyone and everyone who stands between you and what you want. You don’t have to go out and break the bones with your bare hands or actually pull the trigger. You do have to be able to kill indiscriminately by decree.

These beasts, and we must be clear on this that they are just beasts, cannot hesitate to bomb, starve, fund genocidal armies, arm and support frothing fundamentalist, build criminal governments and commit financial devastation to entire nations of innocent people. They must and they do, they are your leaders. They may look like kings and queens, princes, priests and judges. They are the lords and masters of physical world and they control the minions of bureaucrats, administrators, law makers and keepers of their law. They own you.

They own you because they own the earth. Don’t agree? Find a nice place to be free of them.

The ability to kill all that stand in the way of getting what you want is really the difference. Other variables: desire, ambition, greed, intellect, the fortune of birth, single mindedness and determination may well be present – but they are not the difference. Many people rise to positions of power and attain some level of influence but without the complete indifference to all human life aside from their own they reach a plateau and come to rest.

Once this truth is accepted, once people are willing to face reality they can begin to create something different. Once they are not bemused and enthralled with the killer kings they can deny them as rulers. The awakened man can simply choose not to serve.

I’m still watching the people of nations playing the same game that allowed the kings and queens of policy to take any chances of safety and peace from them. Why? What’s the attraction. It’s like the abused clinging to them that beat them and despise them. It’s pretty much insane, I don’t know how else to describe it. Why would anyone want to be a dependent?

The only loyalty that makes sense is loyalty to each other. You owe the government nothing – absolutely nothing. You owe nothing to institution or to any thing but yourselves and all the people around you. Doesn’t matter where you are, what you want, where you work, what you think is right or wrong, good or bad, all there is of any importance at all is people and their home. That home, for now, is earth and you don’t need a government policy to to take good care of yourselves or your home.

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