The Earth Peoples Pledge

The “We the people of Earth” pledge might go something like this:

“We the people of Earth vow to enjoy and take care of the Earth and each other”

That’s about it. A lot of health issues, mental and physical, can be avoided by stepping out of the conventional value system. Maybe I shouldn’t use the term conventional as a description for these value systems. Maybe “Invented” value systems would be better.

After all where do a societies values come from? The values of any society come from that society and all societies are just people. A lot of the values societies adhere to today don’t even come from individual people but from parasitic control groups who live of the people. Religions, Governments and Corporations all attempt to set values for the masses in order to profit from those  controlled masses.

Almost everything we think and feel has been given to us. If we want to truly have a chance to enjoy the Earth and each other we might need to discard any value system but our own.  As I’ve attempted to vanquish nonsensical value systems from my mind, my life has gotten simpler and easier. Setting my own values uncomplicated my role as an Earthling till I’m left with something like “Enjoy and take care of the Earth and each other”.

We all have a hundred years or so to enjoy being people on earth – As far as we know. Then we’ll be gone from the Earth – As far as we know. Rather than following along with some societies invention I say we stop and Invent Ourselves as we see fit. Then enjoy ourselves, each other and our time on Earth for as long as it lasts.

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