The effect of memory on thinking

Unless we know how every corner of memory effects us can we really say I’m going to do this, for this reason… Or I’m doing this because… Or I think this because I… and how would we know to what degree we are affected by memories, teachings, the filtering of fear? I don’t…

Unless we know something we can talk about it only in a second hand sort of way… Can we even discuss something that isn’t to be found as memory? Have you ever been in a discussion with someone about something neither of you had ever experienced? The talker talks from memory…

I don’t guess, and I use guess deliberately, I’ve ever thought anything consciously apart from memory… with all the analysis, naming and values that go along with memory. I have glimpsed in the blink of an eye the unknown… then it was back to business as usual.

Recognizing and exiting from identities is fairly mechanical… We can recognize the feelings and thoughts that belong to those identities, those conditionings, and cease, a little at a time, to be part of it… it seems to be a technical process but I can’t comment on what that process, if any, would be. It’s simply more tangible.

The unknown activities of mind and thinking are a completely different animal. Unlike beliefs, conditioned thinking and the resulting identities, our programmed personae, we’ve never experienced the unknown movement of mind and thinking. If we have, it’s not lodged in the easily accessible upper shelves of memory. So unlike the everyday dealing with our selves, our behaviors, thoughts and feelings, I can’t talk about this unknown first hand. I haven’t experienced it as far as memory is concerned… thus no language associations were made.

In my attempts, guessing, moving towards the unknown and away from my known, ingrained, habitual, pattern of mental activity… I only make movements to something other than what I’ve done… Now doesn’t that sound silly. This is someone attempting to communicate about the unknown. I might say, “Things seem a little different”.

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