The Ego And Identitarian Thought

The Concept Of Ego

I do not like to read contents written by other authors (just some little parts sometimes). Nothing wrong in that but it’s just my personal choice: I do not want external influences within my mind even when they can/could be absolutely interesting. But I can spend a few words about ego according with my thought: the whole concept of ego has been totally misunderstood: what we call ‘ego’ is actually our ‘I’ in terms of our ‘I-dentity’…

There is nothing really wrong in our identity (which is merely a form of language we use to share with others). But the big beast is the I-dentification in our identity. When we I-dentify our whole process of thinking with the psychological and social picture of our I-dentity then we verbalize everything and by intellectualizing and verbalizing everything we create constant, perennial, perpetual separation… inwardly and outwardly.

When the mind becomes identitarian then the whole process of thinking gets fully dominated by our identity: we name everything; feelings, emotions, imagination, perception and so on. In this form of thinking – everything has and must have a name, a code, a verbalized meaning – collectively shared and accepted… then we have absurdities like the searching for a (verbalized/anthropocentric) meaning in life… or a code for feelings, dogmas, belief systems and so on… The identification in our identity is what we must consider as the destructive and corrupted part of the ‘ego’ but if we superficially mistake ‘ego’ with our ‘self’, maybe by following some guru or sect, then being the self, the totality of the mind in all of its parts co-working and co-thinking together, emotions, sensations, instinct, intellect, imagination, memory and so on, then by suppressing our ego we suppress our own self.

What remains is just the intellectualization of everything. In this way we will put ourselves in a constant act of searching, practicing, worshiping, hoping or waiting for something and that’s authority. The ego must not be destroyed but entirely understood and reconverted by eliminating all the conditioning’s, all the ambitions, all searching and beliefs within the mind.

It is mathematically clear that if I want to eliminate my ego.. then this means that I want to become a ‘better person tomorrow’ right? Therefore ‘to become a better person tomorrow’ becomes my belief system… Well, each belief system, in order to be reliable, requires an opposite which then becomes an enemy… Therefore if my belief system is to become a ‘better person’ tomorrow (by killing my ego)… then what is the enemy of that belief system? Is it not the person I am today? You see how trivial this existential psychological game is? How petty and useless?

The ego must be understood and liberated… not suppressed

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