The end of suffering: Where few minds have gone before

You can explore everything, from the oriental traditions to the western philosophies..

From the shamanic healing activities to the most straight materialism..

From ideologies to religious ways of life..

From meditative techniques up to the most illusory hallucinations..

We can explore all these but the question remains solidly there and here.. no matter the colour of your skin, your background, your belief, hope and so on.. and the question is:

“Why am I suffering?”

It’s obvious that the search of investigation inherent in this question must be outside of all of those millenary and present attempts to get out of it… Which means that we are not looking at the appropriate field of inquiry..

To say: This is the nature of men.. is a futile thing.. ’cause we were not born like that..

Therefore this is an invitation to explore the territories of the psyche where just (maybe) few minds have went before..

“The end of suffering”

Think about these things…

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