The Engine Of Society Is Fueled With Childhood Trauma

I spend a fair amount of time trying to uncover the “Motive Behind The Madness” in our societies. In the last post I asked how – the pointless waste of a life on earth – could seem worthwhile. Why death and destruction would seem like a good idea. There are lots of questions  there to puzzle the sane mind.

As a student of psychology I have the idea that the basis for motive needs uncovered in order for people to make the transition for nutty to okay. What I have decided, from long observation, is all the crazy stuff we see people doing is a driven by childhood trauma. Not a new discovery, I’m just taking a more in depth look.

Our childhood impressions are what we are. If we had no real negative experience, or saw the negative through the position of positive experience, we most likely develop healthy mentally and emotionally – generally speaking. There are cases of extreme trauma that can result in extreme psychosis as seen in a serial killer or serial sexual predator. Everyone would agree these are abhorrent personality disorders and the individuals have been severely altered, mentally, emotionally and bio-chemically, by there childhood experience.

But lets consider some other traumatic childhood conditions:

  • Not feeling loved
  • Not feeling worthy
  • Not feeling appreciated
  • Not feeling safe
  • Feeling powerless
  • Feeling stupid
  • Feeling embarrassed – laughed at
  • Feeling ugly

These trauma states don’t necessarily need to exist physically. They only need be perceived by the child.

What do we get from the adult children of traumatic conditions? Everyone of these children will go through life seeking to fill their unique emotional void. Filling the void can become “All that matters”. We’ve all met them.

People who stay in abusive, pointless (to us), relationships: Filling the love void.

People who become followers of religions and political ideologies: Being part of, accepted, filling the “Not worthy” void.

People building financial fortresses endlessly: Filling the “Not safe” void.

Another thing we might observe is this filling process never seems to end. No matter how much affection, acceptance, power and security is got – it doesn’t really fill the void. Sadly, we’re probably electing these empty people to make laws and cast votes that effect the future of everyone. Out of this trauma, the true insanity of a society is birthed.

Often in societies driven by traumatic psychologies people who don’t aspire to greater societal heights are accused of being lazy, or lacking ambition. Most likely they simple feel no need. They have little or no traumatic voids. People who lack the need psychology are inspired by true interest and natural curiosity. If you think about it – politics, economics and societal power structures in general are pretty uninteresting – except as a study in human behavioral phenomena.

Lots of political camp followers like media personalities are initially drawn in by their need to be accepted. Same for religious followers. If they find the acceptance then they accept the ideology. No further rational evaluation is necessary. They were never after rational, workable, sane or intelligent – just acceptance. Filling the void.

For the power void – they are part of a group dynamic and there is power felt. To lose the group, or the election, is to lose the needed power.

War mongers are generally power and safety voids. They never feel safe as long as there is a power out there that may somehow threaten them. Doesn’t matter if there is an actual threat. A perceived possibility of some future threat is enough to trigger there psychosis.

Okay, you get the picture. I’ll let you sit back and watch the world with this idea in mind. Have fun …

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