The equation of living

At the very basic bottom of our existence, indisputably, two algorithms govern life: one is pleasure, the other is fear.. and one constantly tries to intercept the other so to cannibalize it, and viceversa..

And, at the very basic bottom of rational thinking, not desire, (whether spiritual, transcendental, existential or mystical), one realises how all struggles spring out from such psychological ballet..

…and all efforts to become this and that, all formula of “love & peace” and further ideological urgencies, plus the whole immense contraddictions of living stuffed by pettiness and suffering, conflict and suppression, manipulation and belief, actually all come from this moving equation of thinking and surviving..

So one wonders; This process cannot be erased, ’cause that’s the life we all live, but can this moving equation of thinking and living be wholly frozen and totally decrypted and completely understood so to be no longer tourists, nor victims of it, no longer gambling gamers of pleasure and fear.. but rather “psychological mathematicians” of our own psyche?

The writer here thinks that this action can be actually brought into being..

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