The FDA War On Medical Sanity

The US Government is a business. It’s business is mainly that of creating the environment for monopolies. Monopolies are allowed to the highest bidder and set up by the corporate paid insider.

The insiders are usually moved to government offices by the companies associated with the medical industrial complex. Once in, these administrative officers make outlaws of common people who want to do what they feel is best as far as health and diet.

The result is a lack of choice and freedom due to restrictions on the free and open market. The Pay to play government through the FDA makes this statement to all: You can receive medical care, but we’ll tell you what kind of medical care and medicine you will receive. You can have food but we’ll tell you what food you can have. You can conduct business, as long as it doesn’t interfere with our business interests. For all this you will pay any exorbitant price we tell you to pay – get used to it, stop resisting.

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