The first act of thinking

Whatever comes first, psychologically

It is arduous, very very arduous, to perceive reality circumnavigating the filter of culture that has been injected into our own brain cells…

And the filter of culture is not just to be intended as the sum of the religious, ethic, moral, political, idealistic, common sense values through which we decode reality… but rather it is the whole sum of our psychological gears which got installed and activated since we gave up of our natural curiosity in the name of our identity.

Perceptiveness is not science fiction, nor it is philosophy, neither it is theoretic psycho-sciences… and it’s years light far away from the abstruseness of new age and spiritual search…

We do know that perception is faster than the intellectual decoding… but what just few know is that perception gets ignored in almost all of our processes of thinking… Indeed what comes first is the intellectualize & verbalized translation:

I look at a forest, for example, and perceptiveness (which is a specific part of the brain) is already suppressed because of my conditioned filter of values… maybe what comes to my mind is something like:

  • “thank god for giving me this beautiful forest”

or maybe what gets fabricated psychologically right the way responds to my scientific skills and knowledge… therefore the first product of the brain is something like:

  • “wow ! I didn’t expect those trees in that forest considering this altitude and climate”

You see?

To most of us, whatever comes first is not what is supposed to be

Please this is not an invitation to play Ping Pong with your intellectualism, nor it is an attempt of the speaker to brainwash your whole psyche… it is rather an invitation to inquire where just few of us went along their lifetime

I repeat the statement: To most of us; whatever comes first is not what is supposed to be… it is not perception indeed what comes first, (which is the quality to see and observe the whole and what it is instantaneously, the ability to understand without learning nor decoding… the hidden prisoner we silently caged long ago in the name of the politics of our conditioning’s)… but rather, what comes first, is a product of the filters we use to (falsely) decrypt reality according with our psycho-software…

This is not sophistry of some kind. It’s a matter of fact… you see?

I ask you to think at these things: think at your family… do you perceive your family first? Those people? Those thinkers, these minds?

Most likely not: what comes first is the love for your family… your closeness… the value you give with all of these values… Isn’t it true ?

Nothing is wrong in these things… in those values… but please realize: is it not relevant to understand that those values are even more important than those thinkers, people and minds?

This is massive… isn’t it? How does one clearly observe?

To perceive what is there the whole mind must locate and circumnavigate the value first… and there is always a value or many in a conditioned process of thinking…

Do you follow?

There must be a complete circumnavigation… especially in regard of those thoughts, those circumstances, those elements in life toward which we give so much relevance… the first of which is our life itself…

To decode reality is one matter, to perceive it is another… To perceive without the interference of the filter of values is densely arduous.

But that’s the very reason why the first responsibility of the psyche is to decrypt the values first… before anything else… and to see what’s beyond not through the act of going & functioning through the values… but rather through the act of thinking without values…

The first act of thinking at the beginning of each process of thinking is the key-factor, the determiner, the constant of the following whole process of thinking… if the first act is not taken through the eye of perception but rather by the filter of value… then the entire mechanism of thinking must be merely a product of that value… and in this way there cannot be free thinking in any possible way

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