The flowering of its unbiased intelligence

Lack of attention is the very real source of the majority of psychological conflicts..

Thought turned into mindset is the responsible of the division between the thinker and the experienced, which equals the sleep of the thinker..

The “spiritual mind” lacks of attention ’cause it’s subjugated by its credulity, by it’s desire to believe, to cling to illusions, to be a part of.. which are activities of confusion..

The religious mind lacks of attention ’cause it’s encapsulated within the necessary nourishment of its dogmas, prayers, superstitions and rituals it has to accomplish every day..

The ideological mind lacks of attention ’cause it’s captured by its anchors which are tethered to its boxes and bonds..

The “mind of the street”, the ordinary mind, with its weight of dramatic disinterestedness, of indifference, is slave of its shallow morals, shallow values, petty ambitions and miseries of various nature..

And they all are conflictual, aren’t they so?

Aren’t there fractures within the spiritual community?

Jealousies, hierarchies, gossip, mediocre forms of pettiness, envy, processes of imitation and competition?

And in the religious group? Isn’t it the same?

And among different idiotic and nonsensical factions under the dome of the same belief or ideal?

The mind that moves a step within the immediate perception of this sober inquiry inherent in this middle distortion, which is reality, is to be considered a healthy mind.. merely because a mind like that is a mind interested, (seriously interested, not “mystically”, or as a form of intellectual entertainment of some sort.. but rather completely interested), in the flowering of its unbiased intelligence..

All other minds basically depend on public opinions, of what they have been told, accepted, denied and intertwined with something else.. which means that the struggle continue..

The believing psyche is always conflictual, insufficient.. it’s a fact and, as well; it’s history..

Reasoning without believing, instead, brings into being the immediate perception a sane psychology requires in order to recognise the real and drop the trash..

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