The fragmented mind

What fragment is interested in what I think I’m interested in? What fragment shares, links, likes… looks for things I think I’m interested in… What fragment says, “Hey look! This is what I’m talking about… See? This is what I’m interested in… See? Look! Look at this, look at me…”

What fragment says, “I’m intuition, perception… knowing, understanding… free…”. Who chose this avatar? Who felt that? Me? …Us? What fragment is thinking what I think I’m thinking? How can I be sure I know?

How would anyone know? Maybe we’re just better fragments? Do we remember how we fragmented? Maybe language is the key…

What do we hear when we think… or when what we think of as thinking happens? Are there words there? Thought always uses language… Identities always use language… Don’t they?

What feels? What feels lonely, bothered, interested, tickled? What wonders, what looks for things, what wants to show these things to others, what cares? What feels melancholy, urgency, affection? What feels affection for others, for animals, for scenery? What feels affinties?

What feels? Do fragments feel? Does Mind?

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