The great reaper of the mind

In light of the insanity taking place world wide due to beliefs and other forms of modern syncopated stupidity and tribalisms, then one supposes it must be so self evident that telling people that a “shift in consciousness toward a positive vibration” is taking place among humans..
or that jesus is coming,
or that love is everywhere,
..or the various swamps of the “think positive” belief are the key

…not to mention all other motivational-commercial spiritualisms such as the “higher self”, the “goddess within”, the “ascension” whatsoever and all related idiocies..

rather than co-working inwardly and outwardly for a radical and psychologically revolutionary liberation of the act of thinking from all garbage..

…is convincing them to throw the last ruins of their intelligence in the final trash folder of this neurotic, demented and rusty cognitive modernity..

When the obstinacy in the positive thinking, hope or illusions becomes even more important than our own intelligence.. then stupidity becomes the great reaper of the mind..

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