The Half A Day Diet

For a while now I’ve been following a Macrobiotic Way of eating. This has worked wonders for the bad feeling in my digestive system. The “Hard Ball Feeling” I’d get in my stomach after eating is no more.

A fine side affect of this old approach to food and nutrition is weight loss. The only negative side of this eating smarter is craving.

My particular craving is around New York Steaks or any number of Gluey Casseroles. For this reason I’d suggest investigating a Macrobiotic diet for half a day each day.

This half a day approach will also let us see the immediate effect of the foods we eat. Start the day the Macrobiotic Way and finish it the way we want.

Just to reemphasize, GMO’s are not foods. No one can survive GMO’s unscathed. The other non negotiable is sugars. Sugars must be eaten as foods. Honey, fruits, cooked vegetables and squashes taste very sweet once we cut the simple processed and artificial sugars from our diets.

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