The hero traversed the veil

This is what I saw…

I said there were store houses of lives. Nothing is ever abandoned. These lives, like developing characters on the writers page. The actor changing as the character grows line by line.

We’ve got to who and where we are by being our own writers. We’re our own characters in our own autobiographical filming. This is what I saw, what I walked through for centuries. Reading the lives, jumping into the middle and going back to the beginning. Watching people grow up, grow old… I watched the world through the eyes at birth and closed eyes for the last time. I tasted the last breath of a trillion minds

A trillion lives and not one knew the future, in those warehoused lives there is none… only the stories, endless warehouses of moving pictures. Countless centuries wouldn’t be enough to view all those files.

Then I met the anomalous…

While I didn’t see into the future I might have seen into an ancient past. Nothing about these few was familiar

I said I saw the eyes at birth. Some of these memories were different from the rest. Different in the surroundings and in the eyes and minds themselves.

We were looking for a way toward some evolution of mind. Some way to hasten a way toward sanity and a future. I never saw that, in fact, maybe the opposite

What seemed to be progressing, present and greater in every way was the emotional weight. The emotional imprinting is what evolves. That’s not right, the imprinting isn’t evolving… it grows, multiplies. It accumulates in us and gets passed along. We’re born into an emotional condition.

Emotions are tied in to the technical.. they are our technical stimuli.

What increased as I moved away from those few cases was fear. Every time I’d find, what I began to think of as an original, over the centuries became mired in fear… spiraling out away from themselves

I saw machines that surpassed what you and I could build. Then they were gone. But the fear remained. The fear evolved. Machines that ventured to the outer nodes were there and then gone. The memories gone. We were back to the wheel and the pulley. But the fears evolved, and then there was a great plateau and the slow march to this room, again. I’m not the first.

I’m not the first to see what I saw. To traverse the veil. We’ve sat together like this before. Some like us have… some looking for a way out of devastation. It seems they found no way to halt the inevitable destruction. There may be something we can try…

I’m not sure how far any got exploring our own biological technology. I was able to look at it there… Not the pictures and machines that we build from our tech but the built in technological part us we never see: “What, not who, we are”. I don’t know if any before me saw those births. Those originals

Let me ask you something, “Where are you? When you feel what’s thinking, what’s aware of itself… where is it?”

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