The Idiot's Guide To Stupidity for Dummies

The Idiot’s making the laws in the US must have been guided in their quest for stupid. It’s like “A Government of the Dummies for the Dummies”. I’d like to think I’m not one of them.

I thought of this title a week or so ago. I was reading something on the latest act of insanity by some sourt in some State and thought, “How did we get so Stupid”? I mean just down right ridiculously idiotic. The people making laws and deciding things in government had to learn to be that stupid.

Remember a few years ago during a presidential election production someone said, “It’s the economy stupid”? It’s only the economy stupid, if you’re stupid. Thinking that governing the economy is smart – is stupid. Thinking that the government can, should or will “Do something” to boost the economy for any but itself and it’s share holders – is stupid.

Thinking there’s a need for a perpetually active governmental body occupying DC – is stupid. The reason people wrote a constitution was to make that type of government unnecessary. It’s well known that growing, controlling, central governments are the enemy of peaceful existance. It was originally required that a State representative visit the capital at least once a year.

You won’t find that in the government’s Idiots Guide To Stupidity – Cause it’s not stupid.

Sane laws? Sane lawmakers? Who makes laws and how did it become possible? How is it possible a third strike law is made? How do insane laws saying “You can’t eat that, you can’t sell that, you can’t say that, ad nauseum.” get made? The answer is, the government shareholders write them and their employees in government offices put their signature on them.

All that’s needed then is for insane people to enforce them and a public that doesn’t ask questions and demand sanity.

Office holders employed by shareholders are the ones who perpetually occupy DC. They’re there because their business is there. Not your business. Their own personal business of fullfilling shareholder contracts. This is the business of the government. Government office holders from Counties, States, offices in the IRS, the federal reserve, the FDA, FBI, EPA and so on are bought by government shareholders who write laws.

That’s how stupid laws get written. They’re only stupid, they’re only idiotic and unfathomable if you’re not aware that government is just a business. How many college courses exist for people wanting to get into the lucrative world of government business? How about Economics? There is no naturally ocurring monetary economy. It doesn’t exist. It was created by government shareholders.

How about political science, public health, tax law, international law, business law or business period. Who needs a business degree to understand a real business?

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