The Inequality Reality

When we hear about inequality we hear about rich and poor. The “gap” is growing, and that’s bad … Is inequality really about money?

If you think inequality is about cash – what’s the solution? Would you want a rule written somewhere that said the difference between top and bottom can only be this? Who would decide? Would you want to make it a law? Who would write it?

The real inequality we live with, and under, is access to government. In fact there is a vast inequality gap between government and the rest of the people who live under the influence of the government. When was the last time you or anyone you know set down with lawmakers and policy setters and made plans together?

Inequality as we experience it is created through monopolies. The real inequality gap is that between the individual and the monopoly.

When we lived in a land that lent itself more in favor of common sense and human ethics there were laws against creating monopolies. Corporations were formed temporarily, as needed, then dissolved.

Today the government operates as a corporate monopoly – rich and poor is the result of this policy. It’s not the problem but a result of the problem.


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