The inner war of good and evil

After watching a video where the topic was good and evil, the god within type stuff, and how earth is a battle ground inner and outer etc etc… I don’t recall ever having any inner battle of good and bad… the good Doug versus the bad Doug…

I’ve always been in touch with what I’ve wanted. I weigh what I want with how hard and dangerous getting it would be and make decisions accordingly

I had a brief run in with religion and for most of my life never heard anyone say there was no guy in the sky god that made us. But, as far as I can recall, there was no battle waging inside, only weighing consequences: what punishment might be waiting.

It’s the same today with no god ideas. What punishment do I risk by doing what I want to do… This weighing of consequences is all that stands between me and what I want. There are people who do what I consider evil. Most of the evil I see is done inside the law of the land. In fact most of the evil I see is carried out by the makers and enforcers of laws.

The power mad and the mindless thug are the makers and enforcers of laws. These are the people who stand in my way. I guess maybe this could qualify as a battle with evil. It’s also a battle with stupidity. I wonder if there would be laws without stupidity?

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