The IRS: The Feds Collection Agency

The IRS is a collection agency for the Federal Reserve. The income tax is applicable to very few citizens of the U.S.. Taxes are collected, not under any U.S. law, but under threat of prosecution. Too many people in this country haven’t got it through their heads that they can be prosecuted and jailed without breaking any laws.

Every day people are unlawfully arrested. This is reported in the news. It is reported as being necessary and okay. We’re told it’s okay because these unlawful acts are protecting the nations people. This a big lie.

The “Big Lie” is coming straight down from the rulers of the world. If you don’t believe there are “People Who Rule The World” you’ve believed the “Big Lie”. The rulers primary machine is the central bank. Who ever controls the nation’s money supply controls the nation. It’s really that simple.

The IRS collects money for the Federal Reserve Bank. That money makes up a portion of the income for the Federal Reserve. Income Tax collected isn’t used by any government agency to provide services. It’s not the governments money. The government doesn’t collect it, it can’t, it wasn’t granted that power by the constitution.

All services provided by the Federal Government are funded through loans made to it by the Federal Reserve. The public is made responsible for these loans – by default. Every new service, every new bill, every new weapon, every surge, benefit, program and so on is funded by borrowing more money from the Federal Reserve.

The citizen lives in a prison created by the rulers of the world and the walls are made of money. Don’t believe this prison exists? Try and go outside the walls. It is a penal system resulting from the current monetary system. This monetary system isn’t in place to improve your standard of living and social mobility. It’s in place to control your life and stem social mobility. It is a system of trading loss for gain. By design; no one gains without someone losing.

If you’d like to put an end to this and escape the prison. If you’d like to be free and have a say in your own destiny you’ll need to take some preliminary steps. The first thing you’ll need to do is join forces with other like minded people, you can find them at”

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