The issues of society

Someone responded to a comment I made about political causes, with, “sure, i can see that…the problem has been exposed many times and talking doesn’t seem to help…if you have an alternative then i’m sure people are listening”.

I don’t know about people listening, or how many people are truly interested in the underlying problem.

The underlying problem is usually what people think of as “Me”. Who wants to hear that? Besides, people are mostly very busy, at least here in the united states, trying to get money, to survive. The issues of society are mainly left to politicians, who use people and problems to get money for themselves. Most people in the US still think that a democracy is designed for people. That they can vote for people to fix things. That they have representation in the government.

If I say, “In order to be rid of our big societal problems we’ll need to get rid of governments: all institutions of authority and the teachings and dictates of authority, which is authority itself; what then? Who agrees? What difference would it make if a third of the world agreed, which they might?

The solution, as I see it, is to have the power to kill the power. This means I need enough money and property to end the monetary system, which is the system installed by the power that rules the planet. There will never be a peaceful solution. The idea of a peaceful solution is the propaganda of Power.

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