The Law Is Broke

I saw that a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 27 years was released on DNA evidence. How wrong is that? How bad does it have to get.

If the prosecution and judges were held responsible for their mistakes how often would this type of horrid shit happen? But they are protected behind the law. Courts can do whatever sort of cowardly sinister shit they want and walk away smiling. I’ve seen short interviews with these prosecutors responsible for destroying the lives of others and some act like they’re kind of pissed about it. Now everyone knows they made a huge mistake, or intentionally ignored evidence, and they’re pissed off because they got caught.

Cops tasering, shooting and choking people and nothing much happens. We have plenty of laws. Where is the ethical responsibility? As soon as these psycho cops start suffering under the law things will change

As soon as politicians or corporate leaders who break the law are made to suffer under the law things will change

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