The Leaders

When one considers the enormity in just that tiny portion of the world we can see it’s highly improbable that anyone might know the meaning of life in its a totality. Believing that it’s even possible is a little strange. Historically it’s been the elders, shamans, priests and such that have told us about life and meaning.

They were the leaders. They were the ones who told us why we were here and what life was all about. If you had good leaders, you had a better society. Anyone who wants to pick a path to follow could look back to past societies and find out what their ideas about life were.

You could simply adopt your favorite. The one you thought produced the best society.

It has to raise a question for us today, as we examine our own societies in this light. If the society is in turmoil, if it’s people are suffering, it follows that the leaders of the society have some meaning of life ideas that may not be…sane…
This “suffering” doesn’t have to mean that the people are outright slaves. Consider the stress, the underlying dis-ease of our own (U.S.) society. Think maybe our leaders, our wise men and teachers might be…nuts?

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