The Life On Earth Handbook For Humans

Did you get your “Life On Earth Handbook”? Isn’t it strange that we don’t have one? There are handbooks and guides for visitors and tourists. You can probably get a handbook of sorts in most cities. But for “Being A Human On Earth” you’re on your own.

Not that there aren’t a host of humans waiting at the arrival gate to tell you what’s best for you while you’re here (and the hereafter). If I was to write a handbook for humans I’d put never accept things out of hand in the introduction.

I think the first chapter should be something like…

Handbook For Humans: Chapter One – Getting To Know Your Brain

  • What your brain will be doing for you here
  • The memory, thought, feeling process
  • Conscious versus Subconscious

followed by…

Chapter Two – The Difference Between Life on Earth And Life On The Farm

  • The Earth Is Where Man Invented Things
  • Earth Systems versus Mankind’s Systems

Of course a FAQ section…


  • Why are we here?
  • Where did we come from?
  • What’s next?

The reason I bring this up is I’ve recently been revisiting my lack of connection to anything other than the physically tangible world. Struggling because I just don’t think life on earth is fun enough. There seems to be no earthly way to break free of mankind’s control systems – so, once again, I was looking elsewhere.

It seems to me after a millennia on earth we’d be having more fun overall as a species. It seems the fun meter has never been that high here. We have moments, weekends, parties and vacations but the lack of overall happiness is always looming in the background.

A real Handbook For Humans is sorely needed. I also know that I’m not going to write one – although I guess everything I’ve written is kind of a personal handbook of “Watching The World” observations. Maybe I’ll leave it to you to add things you think should go into the Life On Earth Handbook, Let’s subtitle it “The new humans guide to happiness, peace of mind, clarity and well being”.

Know anything about happiness and well being?

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