The Lizard Race from Outer Space

I have a bunch of Documentary videos that I’ve downloaded. I try to watch them all so I can learn whatever I can and hopefully find something worth passing along. I just got through watching David Icke. Well, I got a little over half way through and stopped because I couldn’t stop thinking, “I don’t believe this…”.

Then I started wondering why I didn’t believe it. I was discounting it as soon as he mentioned the reptilian race from outer space. Why? I don’t know that it’s not true. In fact I think it might be true. So why does my brain keep saying – this is bullshit, this is nonsense, these people have lost their minds?

Icke has worked harder and investigated more than I’ve ever even seriously considered. Besides, he’s not the only one who talks about it. In fact the people who talk about it are the people who I’ve learned some really interesting things from. When it comes right down to it there is no reason for me to discount it out of hand. Quite the contrary….

I figured out why I didn’t believe it:

(1) I’ve never seen a reptilian being

(2) I don’t know who’s lying, or who’s mistaken.

As far as I know David Icke didn’t say he’d seen a reptilian being. The lady he was interviewing was Arizona Wilder.

I automatically want to discount people with names like Arizona. This isn’t a good practice either. There’s no good reason for it. Doing so would mean I don’t believe people who don’t behave or think like me. You may wonder why I even consider that the “Alien Race Among Us” idea might be true. A few years ago I started to look really close at my beliefs. I found that I didn’t have good reasons for most of them. So I began to discard them.

Now I pretty much believe that which I’ve seen first hand. I also believe that anything is possible. I believe that what I see here in this earth dimension is a very small part of what is going on. This last belief is really based on deduction. I know roughly what the vibratory spectrum I operate in is and that it’s pretty minuscule. So there is no reason to think that the rest of the spectrum is just superfluous. I’ve noticed that there seems to always be reasons for things. Not reasons like – this was done this way for this reason by someone – but rather, this is this way it is and this is the reason. More of a structural reason than a personal one.

So back to the Lizard people – is there any evidence that there is a reptilian race living here? It depends on what you think people have been doing on earth for the past 10’000 years or so. There is a large volume of writings and drawings that some people consider the fantasy of Myth.  This is becoming quite the debate: Were people just playing around or were they drawing and recording what they saw?

    References to Watchers, good and bad angels, and hybrid babies can be found in many ancient texts including the Old Testament, which borrowed much from older documents, including the books of Enoch. The prophet Enoch is mentioned in Genesis as the son of Cain and the father of Methuselah, and he is believed to be one of the antediluvian (pre-flood) patriarchs who, along with Noah, “walked with God” (Genesis 5:24; 6:9). Books written by anonymous writers but credited to Enoch were given great credence by early Jewish scholars and thus influenced the writers of the Old Testament. Parts of the books of Enoch written in Aramaic were found among the scraps of parchment in the caves of Qumran in 1947, having been placed there nearly 2,000 years ago by a Jewish sect known as the Essenes. These, of course, are the Dead Sea Scrolls. Another version exists in Ethiopian.
    According to the Aramaic texts, “Enoch was the first among the children of men born of the Earth who had learned writing, science, and wisdom” from the angels. In one writing, the *Book of the Watchers*, we learn that the Watchers are angels and that there are good and bad Watchers. We are told that the Watchers are angels of the Lord, “come down to Earth to instruct the children of men and to bring about justice and equity on Earth.” But in the case of the wicked or bad angels, the science they teach turns to wicked ends because of their sins.Their sin is that they permit their sexual appetite to dominate them: “When the evil Watchers descended and beheld the daughters of man, they began to corrupt themselves with them. When the sons of God saw the daughters of man, they could not restrain their inclination.”
    In China we find theories about an alien race called the Dropa who left behind fascinating discs.
    The Popol Vuh, sacred to the Mayans, unequivocally states, “Men came from the stars, knowing everything, and they examined the four corners of the sky and the Earth’s round surface.”
    Brazilian UFO researcher Jean Alencar has noted that the mythology of this country is replete with descriptions and statuettes of beings endowed with the power of flight. The legends of Brazilian natives, like those of other countries, detail experiences of gods or travelers from the sky who descended to earth when humans were little more that animals to instruct them in the arts of agriculture, astronomy, medicine, and other disciplines. Alencar points out one figure in particular, Bep-Kororoti, a space warrior worshiped by the tribes of the upper reaches of the Xing River. Not unlike the heroes of India’s Mahabarata, Bep-Kororoti possessed a flying vehicle capable of destroying anything in its path. His aspect terrified the primitive natives, until he stepped out of his “raiment” and revealed himself to be fair-skinned, handsome, and kind. He amused the natives with his “magic” until he grew restless for his land in the sky and returned there.

    The Chilam Balaam, is even more explicit and states “Beings descended from the sky in flying vessels…white men in flying rings, who can touch the sky.”

    There are indications that something very strange took place on our very own continent hundreds of thousands of years ago, before humans arrived on this continent (according to the canon of anthropology). Santa Maria Canyon holds evidence pointing toward the existence of a culture of intelligent beings who raised cattle, built weapons, and practiced funeral rites — one million years ago. If we decide to stick with what academia has to say, in no way could these beings have been humans. Were they survivors of a Race of Aliens? This brings to mind theories of marooned spacemen, or colonists trying to tame a new planet? During the Prehistory Conference held during 1962 in Rome, Dr. W. Matthes presented the oldest carvings known to exist, created by a forgotten artist two hundred thousand years ago, when humans had allegedly just discovered the use of fire.

Like I said, I wrote it because I was a little intrigued with my bias toward the whole idea of reptilian races from outer space being here in the past, coming and doing what ever they might have done and being here today wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting world population.

How many times have you thought, “I don’t understand how a human being can act like that?”. Maybe, they aren’t…

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