The machinery from which conflict emerges

When we say that “nothing seems to interest us deeply and fully any more”, that we have lost our inspiration, our vitality, that everlasting boredom or everlasting “doing something”: sinking in some activities; the family, the job, the social entertainments and so on… are what occupies our monotonous lives.. when we say, (and we believe) these things and all the rest of it.. we are basically saying that we are in conflict..

It’s conflict indeed, and conflict must be in relation to something: in relationship to what?

What’s is the machinery from which this conflict emerges?

The relationship? The environment? The overwhelming amount of information we deal with everyday? The ghosts of the past ? The acknowledge that not really much has been done in our life if not confusion and mistakes?
What’s this conflict?

Conflict emerges surely from the relationship with all of these things.. but if one looks carefully, not in laziness and not through the idea of finding out the right “path”, or maybe by sinking into spiritual nonsenses or into the cages of religious dogmas .. then maybe one can realize that fundamentally the conflict, the existential conflict I mean, is merely between what we are and what we want/wanted to be, which means between the fact, the reality, and the idealized, the abstraction..

We all have or even cultivate everyday’s micro or macro myths toward which we cling , with pride perhaps … but confusingly..

We have a bunch of descriptions about what we should be, most of which, or all of which, have been fomented by the comparison with others and with all symbols our society gives us.. the car, the iPhone, the selfie, the pictures on Twitter, the trends, the beliefs and so on… all of these descriptions populate our mind everyday.. but the description is not the described.. which means that as long as we cling and give immense relevance to such everyday’s self-projected mythology of ourselves.. so long we enlarge the gap between the understanding of our psyche and the fabrication of socio and self-projected patterns the outcome of which is nothing but confusion.

“I am beginning to see where and why I am confused” is the cardinal starting point to reduce the gap mentioned above.. as well it’s the necessary beginning of each personal intelligent inquiry.. The conflict is between the actual and the myth is what must be completely understood .. because the catalysis in the myth sediments the mind into a cage of conditioning’s and psychological ignorance.

The architecture and matrix of the conditioned myths has been cultivated from childhood and then, in lack of self-observation, it has become more and more deepened and inoculated in the mind.

The relevance given to the conditioned urge of becoming has acquired more relevance, indeed, than life and mind themselves.. and this reality gave us our career perhaps, or our miseries, our fulfilled goals or our jesus christs .. but each one of our “I became this”, “I became that” is and it has been a carrier of confusion.. confusion the production of which has never been explored and comprehended..

What we are, whether pleasant or unpleasant, which also means: possible intelligent thinkers capable to see our conditioning’s (and not the idiocies such as “divine”, “souls”, “infinite potentials” and all of the rest of this escapism and nonsenses), is much more important than what we should be.

Living into a constant incubator aimed to nourish our personal or collective myths is living into the perpetual distraction of unintelligence .. it’s merely a self and collective condemnation to comparison, to some sorts of intellectually conditioned disciplines against reality…

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