The main pillar of intelligence

I guess that the higher act of intelligence must be the act of perceiving, first of all, perceiving: immediate distinction of what’s reality (which is the psychological experience itself) from what is not reality yet (mental projections toward the future), and obviously: illusions, believing, hoping, praying, worshipping and so on..

Believing indeed, which is an activity extremely deceptive, has nothing to do with perception: some people perhaps define believing as “feeling” and “perceiving” .. but such supposed feelings have been made up as mnemonic & identitarian psycho-artefacts by influenced thoughts, adopted archetypes fueled by hopes, desires to project the picture of what we are not.. escapism from reality and so on..

The movements of the psyche, such as the intellectual activity, the concentration along a particular wish which can be the desire of meditating, or a religious commitment, or a specific belief or ideal.. have nothing to do with perception.. because perception, at its very immediate dawn, has no constructs of deduction, nor intellectual decoding yet, nor psychological time, neither the authoritarian mental weight of self-knowledge..

Therefore wherever and whenever perception does not come as the first, as the primary establishment of the act of thinking before the conformation of thought .. the very locomotive of the psyche .. then the whole act of thinking becomes highly deceptive.. and thoughts become merely wagons filled by conditioning’s, influenced consciousness and misty psychological metabolism.. which lead to confusion, conflict, the chimera inherent in the search and the urge of psychological security and acts of clinging to sophisms of all kinds, whether political ones, religious, idealistic or spiritual ones..

Perception contains the self-awareness, the self-orientation and the self-meta-cognition that no mind belongs to something else or someone else and therefore is anonymous, psychologically pathless, naturally & intelligently self-centred in terms of freedom of all conditioned fears..

Perception in not to be mistaken with intuition ’cause intuition has already some intellectual bases constructed by oneself’s consciousness .. therefore considering that oneself’s consciousness is inexorably manufactured by conditioning’s .. then intuition can only be, always, a more or less conditioned analysis..

The bio-psychological “purpose” of the “locomotive” has nothing to do with psychic, metaphysical, esoteric, paranormal, extra-sensorial, ”divine”, mystical or transcendental factors whatsoever ..
but rather it has to do that immense psychological ability, which is the main pillar of intelligence, as well the pivot of self-awareness, to understand and realize that, psychologically, we do not belong to anything.. and that the very psychological attitude or belief to belong can only bring about slavery..

And indeed, without perceptiveness, the individual is a train without locomotive.. it believes to go somewhere.. proud and stuffed with faith and hope maybe… whatever the destination is; whether the enlightenment, the “more consciounsess”, the immortality, the “spirituality” or merely big bombastic material ideologies…

In truth, historical truth (not the opinion of the writer/speaker), without perception, the “locomotiveless train” runs to stand still..

Perceive these things..
Then think..

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