The Man In The Moon

For the people on earth, the primary cause of confusion and all that flows from it is the lack of facts about our origins…

For we have the ability to imagine a future that is different from the present. We can look at two sticks and imagine tying them together. So we know that we can make something today that we can use tomorrow. We know that what’s here today was started before today.

Then we find ourselves here… You see the problem

We want to know how and why we came to be here. Where do we look, who do we ask? Who can we trust? Who, if anyone, actually knows anything? Where are the facts to be found?

Ever wonder why so many people, if not every person, is interested in extraterrestrials?

Isn’t it be cause we think they’ll be able to give us some facts about ourselves? Isn’t that what we’d ask them if we could? Did you make us? Do you know who did? Why?

But we don’t have enough facts, if any, and we may not get them… What we do have is confusion and all that imagination can invent… We make things up. We make up origin stories and then we pretend they’re real, then we forget they’re just stories… and fantasy becomes our reality, and that creates a world of shit

All we can really do right now is stop making shit up… and stop believing in all the make belief shit made up by the people who lived before us.

Just quit, right now, today… at least we can do that much for ourselves and those who will follow. If we can’t find out the facts… at least accept that as fact… and stop making shit up

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