The Many and the One

We are many and not one: at the office we are someone, at the gathering with friends we are another, at the church, the temple or the mosque, or a spiritual gathering of organized irrationality we engage some form of sacredness, some sort of higher secret mystical energy..

At the disco we may feel isolated, in the forest we may feel as participants of something which then we exploit by attributing it some superficial label such as “oneness”, “unconditional love” and other forms of modern sophisms..

In the family we are someone else, during the xmas dinner we turn into another individual and when we have a shower, we become singers for some reasons.. and so on, on and on..

This is obviously what we call “normality” but this “normality”, if lived through a deep lack of self-exploration, can so often bring into being a confusing block to our intelligence.. because the one, the individual, the so necessary psychological privacy one requires to remain rational and psychologically healthy, does not come into being ’till the daily engaging identification with the “many” ceases, or at least becomes a topic of deep observation.

The issue is not, obviously, to isolate the individual from the many characters and behaviours the individual has to face, inexorably, everyday.. (this would be a mere anti social alienation), but rather is to deeply understand the composition of the “many” which we daily are so to avoid the confusion that this almost inevitable multipersonality-everyday’s-trend so often gives us.

The whole psychological behaviour, inwardly and outwardly, cannot be understood through the part, it must be understood through a constant and solid acknowledge and observation of the sum of the parts because such rational observation prevents and protects us from the act of identifying ourselves with this or that part .. then falling so easily into the very much contagious assimilation and imitation of a certain behavioural trend, or standard/label of thinking.

If I become attached an dependent of a particular current fashion, or an activity of gossiping, or the compulsive necessity to produce jokes when I am among people.. or the urge of behaving and talking through a sort of “rapper” jargon and gestures, or the adhesion to so many bombastic but empty words and confabulations typical of the so called new age movement (such as “sending love and light”, “I feel my high vibrational field” and all of these similar irrational nonsenses).. then I’m reasoning, if this can be called “reasoning”, through only one part .. and this means that I become addicted to the trend, in dependence of it.. and this put the mind asleep..

Usually we are very little, or even never aware of the whole, our whole psychological network and behaviour.. because we are so occupied with nourishing, preserving or fighting the parts.

The experiencing of the parts, with no awareness of the whole sum, divides so often the psychology of the individual.. because the parts are so often in friction one with another, isn’t it true?

The preservation of mental clarity, especially during the experiencing of this big modern kaleidoscope of identities, is that fuel the individual requires to remain a rational and limpid thinker.. without sinking into the so contagious spiral of confusion of nowadays.. in a world in which it’s so clear that so many people are actually frightened by clarity.. preferring to be occupied in perpetual motions of illusions and irrational engagements..

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