The Meaning In Life

I’ve often mentioned that my first reaction to my societal existence was – This is pointless. I’ve gotten a lot of responses to my reaction from everyone I’ve talked to from my mother to people I’ve met in recent weeks. The responses are in the form of a list of what people see as meaningful and why it’s not pointless.

I’m offered methods of managing (dealing with) life – finding things that are personally meaningful and pursuing them and enjoying them. I guess where I differ from most of the people I’ve met is I always see the systems operating behind the events. I can’t – not see them. Maybe “see them” is the wrong term because I often can’t see them in their totality. Maybe I just sense that there are systems at work because there must be. To me this awareness is inescapable.

No event manifests but from a system. Humans are events of nature. Personalities are events of? When I state my assessment using the word pointless I am extrapolating the ultimate event. Within the societal system which I was born I can’t see a worthwhile final event. There was one system that made sense to me and that was science. This is a worthwhile system but has been corrupted by the monetary system. Science working outside the monetary system is for the most part ignored or purchased and perverted by money or power.

Money takes scientific discovery and sells it. Power takes scientific discovery and uses it as a control mechanism. So science has become untrustworthy since scientists can be coerced. All the events that people choose to build their lives around have sprung from one system or another. People will tell you that their chosen meaning (management tool)  is not of the societal system. That the system is operating but it’s over there, doing that, and this – my event – is separate from it. Well, that’s simply not possible.

Or they say their event comes from a better system. A system that has a deeper meaning, a worthwhile system.

I seem to be stuck on the word suffering but it covers so much that I haven’t come up with a better one. Where does suffering in all it’s varied forms and extremes come from? Suffering is an event. Events are products of systems. What system is devoid of suffering?

Most systems will tell you they were created to alleviate suffering. Does this make any sense at all? Doesn’t it make perfect sense to see an event like suffering and seek it’s source instead of creating a remedy in the form of another system? This can only result in an endless loop of suffering, since the original system is still operational, and remedy only a system modification. This loop is plain to see in the remedy health system of modern medicine. The health system inside the monetary system never goes after the system causing illness.

I’ve written a lot on the meaning of life. I’ve gotten as far as – life has no meaning. This is due to the confusion, or fusion, of Life as a system of mankind. I am unable to find a satisfying meaning to life as a system of mankind. Now the meaning of life and the purpose of life can be readily seen in the events of life – as nature. The problem is not, what is the meaning of life. The problem is finding the meaning in life as a system of mankind. This can never be solved because life is not a system of mankind to begin with.

If we looked around, saw any form of suffering, followed it to it’s source, we’d find a system that produced it. What would be the logical step to take? Of course it stands to reason you would dismantle the system. But you can’t. It’s not your system. You didn’t create it and you don’t maintain it. You can never get a hold of the system to control it. So what do people attempt to do? Too many waste time trying to work within the system and create a remedy system – which fails over and over again. What’s left? What else can people do?

You have to create your own system. Someone suggested – How about no system? How about that? Is that possible? Would “No System” be a system? System – is not the problem. You have a circulatory system. The event is you are alive. This is also the key to developing good systems. There are examples of systems producing good events. We can find them and copy them. People have done this for years with great success. But there are always those who seek to create systems to destroy good independently operating systems.

This is happening in Egypt as I write this. Egypt was suffering the events produced by their political system. They wanted to get rid of what they saw as the cause of suffering. The dominant systems are hustling to get people into power who will continue the old system. It shouldn’t be anybody’s business accept Egyptians but that’s not how the system they are under, we are under, works. That “People Deciding Their Own Political Future” event will not manifest from this current system.

Left to themselves I doubt the Egyptians would be able to implement a system where suffering was not an event. In fact, so far, I haven’t seen any system larger than a community of a few hundred come close to what I would call a good system. The first step toward the implementation of a good system, good system being one that did not produce suffering – is being willing to let go of those bad systems that produce suffering. How bad is a system that is endured with the hope of a better life after death?

How about creating a story that life is full of suffering as a test to see what your life after death status might be?

Most people who read this will think that systems like the monetary system is failing and finally coming to an end. More accurate is that this monetary system is finally coming to fruition. The monetary system itself resides within another system. But, this isn’t supposed to be a political article so I’ll drop that for now.

I can’t tell others what to do, as much as I’d really, really, like to. All I can tell you is what I’ve found to make my own life here at Earth into something that might be considered meaningful.

I would encourage people to do one thing. Look very closely at your self and your life and ask the questions, “Am I completely satisfied? Am I completely happy? Am I having as much fun as I’d like? Am I as free as I’d like to be?”. There are more questions we can ask ourselves but this is the main idea. Now we might ask ourselves this, “Is not being completely happy, satisfied and so on – Suffering?”

If your answer is “No”, I’d encourage you to ask yourself why? If your answer is “Yes” then you will understand that these things are events resulting from systems and you are then able to find out what system created the event and you will have the choice of getting out from under that system or sticking with it.

Can we simply move out from under the monetary system? Probably not today or tomorrow. But it’s definitely possible. What is possible today is to examine the doctrine of the system and move out of that. Freeing ourselves from loyalty to unexamined doctrine might be the second step in the process since doctrines can control our thoughts. Thoughts then produce physical things and so on.

Okay this is getting way to long so I’ll leave it up to you to finish it.

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