The Mechanics Of Our Amnesia

Do You really think that Vampires are these creatures in movies and series? Do You really think that consumerism is just a material phenomenon?

Let’s take a look at Ourselves! We think that We are communicating/connecting/relating/loving the people We choose, when what most of Us in fact are doing is feeding on each other. Yes! We are using each other to fill Our holes, to ejaculate Our fears and problems away, to get some short of release so that, for a while, We can fool Ourselves. fool Ourselves that We are feeling better.

We rush into caging the “chosen” ones within labels like relationship, friendship, marriage etc. Not because We have really seen them or allowed them to see Us… but because We are under the illusion. An illusion which We do not dare to challenge. An illusion that because of our captives – We’ll feel good.

And Yes! We do feel good, feeding on them, as a Vampire feels good… Still We find no real peace… and still our fears and problems remain… and now we’ve got a new problem… which is Our new “Chosen” ones. We can end up being lonely and empty in the “togetherness”… and as days and time goes by We manage to numb ourselves more and more so that We do not re-member that We are living in the cage we made for our victims.

We end up consuming people and consuming Life instead of creating nurturing circuits. We end up forgetting who We are and how the Hell We got where we are.

NO! It doesn’t look good to dive inside and be honest with the depth of Our responsibility… but oh My!… It is so liberating… There will never be sufficient relationships, orgasms, problems, porn, worries, manipulation, cruelty, loneliness, emptiness, dissatisfaction, illness, confusion, depression, perversion… Nothing will satisfy until We choose to really show up and disassemble the mechanics of Our Amnesia…

Kalliopi Tsiknia – Athens, Greece


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