The Medicine Industry Scam by Ralph Campbell, M.D.

Are you sick of TV Medicine too?

Quick Fixes vs. Real Nutrition Fixes

Commentary by Ralph Campbell, M.D.

(OMNS May 1, 2012) It is so easy to accept the razzle-dazzle of “medicine” and medicines that will “cure” ills and its superiority over the tedious and disciplined act of taking care of your body in the first place. When illness strikes, medicine may seem more appropriate than following a healthful corrective change in lifestyle.

TV and other media depictions of new drugs and “medical breakthroughs” have great appeal for those seeking a short cut. Especially when they put down old-fashioned and cumbersome advice that touts good nutrition and vitamin supplements.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, surgery plays a big role in the PR campaign of “medicine”. Along with the highly technical “imaging” that goes with it and the fact that most surgical procedures and accompanying tests are covered by health insurance, a convincing picture is painted for the “quick fix”.

Recently, on the TV evening news, I saw a classic (and sickening) example. (read the rest at Real Nutrition by Ralph Campbell, M.D.) resources index

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