The mind of the believer is totalitarian

Totalitarianism is obviously the characteristic of each believing mind, the mind of the believer is totalitarian, always…

It’s futile to condemn the atrocities, the dictatorships, the monstrosity of the despotic regimes as long the condemner remains stupidly attached, armored in and to his or her own belief..

It doesn’t matter what the ideological nature of the belief is, whether christianity, islam, hindu, spirituality with all the idiocies it carries, nationalism and so on: each mind caught in belief is responsible for totalitarianism in the world.. which consists and results in everlasting conflict, pressure, frictions and stupid fights..

The believer who preaches about honesty is unfortunately blind in front of the fact in which he or she has no honesty at all ’cause he or she merely persists in being a violent human being.. stupid, corrupted, sedated..

Only in complete absence of beliefs, faiths, dogmas, a totally intelligent discourse on freedom, peace and life can take place…

Everything else is just what took place in history… and we all know how the human history has very little to do with intelligence..

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