The most powerful force on the planet

What do we think of when we think about the most powerful force on the planet… Set aside the unseen and all those ideas… Would we say the most power lies with the international bankers? The military governments? Kings and Queens?

Considering the fact that most of the planet operates under the centralized monetary system, wouldn’t they that control that monetary system be the most powerful force on the planet? Lets take the number, one thousand, and say that represents the planets population… so then we’d have no more than one person that controlled the money. The remaining 999 would be us… What looks like the most powerful force when viewed like this?

The 999 got most of the big chain food stores to sell organics… The 999 got it’s own Non GMO Certified labeling… That’s no small thing. How did they do it?

We live within a monetary system… the monetary system is dependent on our money… The system itself has no money… it uses transactions to acquire capital… But the only capital which is actually productive is people. Mines don’t produce ore: people produce ore out of mines. The owners of the monetary system and it’s governmental administrators use money to entice the only true capital, people, to produce – for them… They live off the 999.

They live off us, and if we want, they will die by us… They know this. We, as a collective, don’t seem to be aware of it… There are a lot of screamers screaming about things and at things… There are a lot of whiners whining about things and at things… There are a mass of prayful, hopeful, dreamful…

But it’s all about the dollar and the Yen

If nobody shops at Ballmart it dies… If nobody bets on Wall St. it dies… Every single thing in this world of men lives and dies by the 999.

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